Frequently Asked Questions

What is mDEFENCE..? Is this just an APP only for smart phones..??
mDEFENCE is not just a MOBILE APP for smart phones with touch screens & inbuilt OS; It's a mobile tool to report emergency for guardians which works on very basic mobile handsets also (non-smart phones) even without any internet connectivity.

What are the device specifications to use mDEFENCE?
Unlike the contemporary SAFETY APPS & TOOLS available in global market, mDEFENCE has no specific constraints and device hardware parameters to communicate the emergency information to guardians. All that needs is a mobile phone in working mode and active SIM with a proper signal strength.
Having a SMART PHONE (either ANDROID/ WINDOWS/ iOS) will just be a value added thing to access more options of mDEFENCE.

How to download and register mDEFENCE?
In case of a smart phone, mDEFENCE is available as an APP which can be downloaded from the respective STORES (keyword: mdefence):
Play store @ Android
Market Place @ Windows
APP store @ iOS
Once the APP is downloaded, the process of installation/ registration and usage by sequentially pointed in the APP itself.
* Internet source is needed to complete the above process.

QUICK <M/F> <AGE> <NAME> <GUARDIAN_NO_1>,<GUARDIAN_NO_2>,<GUARDIAN_NO_3>,<GUARDIAN_NO_4>,<GUARDIAN_NO_5> Ex: QUICK F 22 ABHAYA 9876543210,9876543212,9876543213,9876543214,9876543215

In case of a non-smart phone, its just a matter of sending 2 SMS as follows
to complete the process of enabling the mobile device in using mDEFENCE:

(SMS to 8686691464) REG <M/F> <AGE> <NAME>


* Kindly make sure that there will not be any spaces in the first name & last name

(SMS to 8686691464) GUARD <Name-Mobile>,<Name-Mobile>,<Name-Mobile>,<Name-Mobile>,<Name-Mobile>

Ex: GUARD GUARD1-9876543210,GUARD2-9876543211,GUARD3-9876543212,GUARD4-9876543213,GUARD5-9876543214

* Kindly make sure that there will not be any spaces in the first name & last name of guardian (s).

Set 8686691464 as a speed dial no. on the mobile device.

In case of any emergency, user just need to long press the speed dial.. Automatically the guardian reporting process will happen.

Are there any charges applicable to use mDEFENCE?
mDEFENCE is completely a FREE TOOL to register and use. In case of a smart phone, internet connection is needed for APP DOWNLOAD and a single SMS balance while using emergency button on the APP (if internet is not available). In case of a non-smart phone, just 2 SMS need to be sent for registering profile & guardian mobile no. and a single CALL balance while using the emergency button.

Is it necessary to have an internet connectivity to run mDEFENCE?
Internet connectivity is required only when downloading and installing the APP for the first time on a smart phone. This is to facilitate the sync the name, mobile no., Blood group, guardian details etc. to register user profile with us. Once registration is done, there is no need of internet connectivity on the mobile to use and report the emergencies to the guardians.
In case of a non-smart phone everything happens over a text message; so, there is no
absolute need for an internet source.

What are the settings to be configured in the mobile while installation?
In case of a smart phone, to ease the process of fetching the user place co-ordinates, LOCATION SERVICES should be 'TURNED ON' in mobile settings. If GPS can be enabled, location preciseness will be much accurate at the time of reporting emergencies.
In case of a non SMART PHONE, the no. '8686691464' has to set as SPEED DIAL no. of any preference which user can remember and access during emergencies.

What is the definite criterion needed for reporting an emergency?
Mobile should be: Sufficiently charged, available with a good (at least threshold) signal strength of the mobile carrier/ operator, holding a minimum balance for sending at least a single SMS/ VOICE CALL.

What details will be fetched once the emergency button is pressed?
In case of a smart phone, once user presses an emergency button: user mobile no, name, guardian info, type of emergency, location, and time will be fetched and the same be communicated to the guardians/ police/ media/ any other authorised channel depending on the emergencies.
In case of a non-smart phone, user mobile no. be synced to the database along with the time stamp to facilitate the next level process of communicating with respective guardians.

How confidential the data is?
We have placed enough endeavours to respect and protect your privacy by securing the profile information, location information we receive from your mobile by downloading the APP/ reporting emergencies. Even, all emergencies and posts reported by you will not go to media/ police. The sharing criterion with the above entities varies depending on the emergency reported.

What are the charges for reporting the emergencies?
Once you report an emergency by pressing a button on the smart phone APP, user will be charged a regular single SMS cost (*No additional tariffs), which you normally get billed by the mobile service provider. If, the device is connected to an internet source, not even an SMS be deducted unlike the above specification.
In case of a non-smart phone, only a virtual call be triggered and the same be disconnected immediately after getting posted to the database. So, no balance be deducted directly/ indirectly from the user.

What if the internet connectivity is lost while using mDEFENCE?
Don't worry..!! The unique use case of mDEFENCE is to work even without internet connectivity. If user is not connected to any internet source, the emergency will be reported automatically through SMS and hence GPRS/ 3G/ Wi-Fi are not at all mandatory to use the APP.

Is mDEFENCE a feminine safety tool..? Not for all..???
mDEFENCE is basically a citizen safety tool. The root architecture of it facilitates the reporting of multiple mergence being faced by citizens on a regular basis.
Infact, it has got the utmost possibility of getting customised & integrated with corporates/ colleges/ Govt. bodies/ NGO's at any required moment.

What are the possible cases that the guardian will not receive any update on the emergency even after pressing the button on the APP?
The possible cases for this are: No available balance on mobile to send at least a single SMS/ guardian(s) no (s). is switched OFF for more than 5 hours/ Poor signal condition/ no(s). in blacklisted or operator barred mode/ Operator congestion (rare case).

Can the location be automatically tracked when emergency button is pressed?
Yes, In case of a smart phone, the location will be tracked automatically without any need for manual entry. User may experience some difficulty if you are in a complete interior location/ area with signal jammers/ limited signal connectivity in case of which the location co-ordinates may not be fetched.
In case of a non-smart phone, location co-ordinates can be immediately fetched. This will happen at the control room keeping in view of the privacy guidelines by the TRAI.

What if you have any issue/ concerns/ queries/ complaints to report for?
Being a unique and first ever of its kind which provides a flexibility to work even without internet connectivity, we have considered almost every possibility that may trouble you in using mDEFENCE and the necessary fixes have been implemented.
But, ofcourse, being an experimental innovation, in case of any difficulty or inconvenience during the usage, kindly report us back on: We will definitely explore the possibilities to fix the same in our coming versions or SMS MDEFENCE <Your FEEDBACK> to 8686691464

How to install the updates and version fixes?
You will be automatically notified once we are done with a latest version of mDEFENCE to facilitate your instant download. The fix details and the upgraded features will be listed in the same.