Root specifications

* Emergency reporting happens even without an active internet & available mobile balance

* Auto-photo capture to facilitate evidence recovery (* Subjected to internet availability)

* VMN based SMS/ MAIL/ URL POST alerts to police/ guardian/ concerned authorities

* Customised interfaces to facilitate an easy integration with any other ERP

* Availability on all mobiles with different mobile Platforms (even a non-smart phone too)


Unique possibilities


* Keeping in view of the randomness in the availability of packet/ internet data services on mobiles in most of the Indian smart phones, the application works even without connecting either to GPRS/ 3G or any other data modes which makes this more flexible and much connected use case for a wide range of utility.

* Auto-sync interfaces for Police control rooms, corporate vigilance centers, college management; personalized guardians are available in ready-to-use mode.

* Equipped to report around 20 different emergencies at any moment.

Auto-SMS generation to 5 guardians even without any internet connectivity and available mobile balance to send those SMS.
Guardian count can be altered at any moment)


Customised dashboard to fit the requirement of all segments; i.e Corporates/ Colleges/ Department/ individuals/ NGO’s to facilitate an easy reference.

Instantaneous route tracking (User need to update from location, to location and the vehicle number) and auto-SMS trigger to guardians regd. the same.

Provision for reporting SAFE REACH by employees to the respective employers.


A defined and customised set of following features are available as listed below:


@ Citizens: Emergency reporting to the control room with a single button press on mobile

@ Police department: Exclusive interface to track the location, type of emergency, mobile no., details of the guardian etc.


# If required, URL post to external NGO or any 3rd party can be provided at any moment.

Note: We have placed our sincere endeavours in developing mDEFENCE to communicate your emergency ASAP; SMS delivery is subjected to the operator congetsion and network availability.

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